1. What is RMC OData?

    RMC OData is a queryable version of research.microsoft.com (RMC) data, produced in the OData protocol (see odata.org for more information about the OData protocol). RMC data provides metadata about assets currently published on research.microsoft.com, such as publications, projects, and downloads.

  2. Asset collections that queries can be performed against:
    • Downloads – Applications and tools which can be installed on your own machine or data sets which you can use in your own experiments. Downloads are created by groups from all Microsoft Research labs.
    • Events – Events occurring in different locations around the world hosted by or in collaboration with Microsoft Research, with different themes and subject focus.
    • Groups – Groups from all Microsoft Research labs; groups usually contains a mix of researchers and engineering staff.
    • Labs – Microsoft Research locations around the world.
    • Projects – Projects from all Microsoft Research labs.
    • Publications – Publications authored by or in collaboration with researchers from all Microsoft Research labs.
    • Series – Collections of videos created by Microsoft Research, grouped by event or subject focus.
    • Speakers – Speakers for Microsoft Research videos; in many cases speakers are not Microsoft Research staff.
    • Users – Microsoft Research staff; predominantly researchers but also includes staff from other teams and disciplines within Microsoft Research.
    • Videos – Videos created by Microsoft Research; subjects include research lectures and marketing/promotional segments, some with guest lecturers and visiting speakers.

  3. Example queries:

    - This query returns all Microsoft Research Downloads.
    - This query returns all Microsoft Research Videos.
    - This query returns the metadata for a specific Microsoft Research Download, in this case for asset ID 77034. Note that some browsers return a .part file, which can be opened in text editors or other tools to examine. Generally this workflow is unnecessary when querying for specific assets from applications.
    - This query returns the metadata for the specific Microsoft Research Video 154104.
    - This query returns all Microsoft Research staff related to Microsoft Research Download 77034.
    - This query returns all speakers related to Microsoft Research Video 154104.
    http://odata.research.microsoft.com/odata.svc/Projects/?$filter=substringof('cloud', Description) eq true
    - This query returns Microsoft Research Projects which contain ‘cloud’ in in their metadata.
    http://odata.research.microsoft.com/odata.svc/Videos/?$select=Url,Duration,Name&$orderby=Duration desc&$filter=Duration ge 4900
    - This query returns only the name, duration, and URL of the Microsoft Research Videos with duration greater than 4900 seconds, ordered by descending duration.
    http://odata.research.microsoft.com/odata.svc/Videos/?$filter=year(DateRecorded) eq 2012
    - This query returns Microsoft Research Videos which were recorded in 2012.
    - This query returns Microsoft Research Videos with ‘farming’ in the metadata.

    - This query returns all Microsoft Research Videos related to the Visiting Speakers series (id 105128).

    For complete information about the system query options supported by the OData protocol, refer to http://www.odata.org/developers/protocols/uri-conventions#OrderBySystemQueryOption.

  4. Where do I send feedback about RMC OData?

    Feedback on RMC OData can be sent to rmcodata-feedback@microsoft.com.